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aquarius blue: Links
great ecclectic music by a great freind Scott Baldyga and his band.
Tom Ingram Band
A great talent that more people should know about
collective soul
rock music still lives!!!!
counting crows
still rockin and switchin it up!!
mojo music
joe and the boys delivering the best in unsigned talent "in the studio"
Real Lyrics
cool site,, check it out!! Shallow Man Down
singer Dave watson from my band Faux Pas in a great band
videos of my old band Faux Pas
Featured @!
I forgot I had created this page with my bud Justin Tucker.
Plattsburgh Pipeline
A great indie site that promotes indie artists. has had many visitors to our site thanx to the pipeline!!
the best place to sell or buy indie music
16 frames
great music by a great band
the little studio that could!!!
my favorite station for the best of what there is
indie music
all the best indie music..including aquarius blue
disk makers
have been a great help to me in getting my product done to be out there
the single best resource for independent musicians period!!