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aquarius blue: Music

the Letter (unreleased}

(aquarius blue)
Words and music Eric Bilodeau
I thought of one of those obsessed inmates who try to confer with famous actresses and models. usually a one sided love affair.
I sent you a letter. Did it reach you? Im a real go getter. all my friends say"you better go get her" Every day of the week of this year, I sent you a letter my dear. In my very first letter I tried to tell you..things would be so much better if you only answered my letter. I sent you a sweater for every season. In case our asking heres the reason. every minute, very hour, every day I picture you in that sweater. ok? In my very first letter i tried to tell you. things would be so much better if you would only answer my letter. Wont you send one to me? My very own letter. wont you send me a fucking letter!?