Sparks and Stars Jamendo playlist


The Aquarius Blue song “Sway” from Aquarius Blue Black & Blue 4 U has been added to Jamendo Sparks and Stars playlist for the 4 th of July. It’s a compilation of the best American artists on Jamendo! That is their words not not mine! We appreciate being added to all that great music !

Aquarius Blue on Cox Rox independent rock show July!

Aquarius Blue now on Jamendo !

Aquarius Blue Black & Blue 4 U now available for download at cdbaby

A new cd is out and available at CD Baby. Black &Blue4 U. We are working on videos. Trying to get updated into all the new formats. 

Aquarius Blue on Goa Chillout zone 3

Aquarius Blue with Beatpick music licensing

Aquarius Blue music will soon be available at Beatpick. This is really great as this is an international company that could really help spread our music. We are hoping for some big things in the coming year.

Aquarius Blue on breakaway radio

The track "Sunlight" from "Forever Blue" was selected for featuure on . It is in the "need to be heard" portion along with other great indie artists. Time of broadcast can be found through the link. Thanx

Aquarius Blue with Creative Retail

A bunch of aquarius Blue songs are now part of Ceative Retail. This is a great place to have music as it is used in hotels, resturants and most any place that plays music at their business. They are pretty picky about who is included so we are happy they represent our music.

Aquarius Blue now on Jango

We are proud to be a part of thr newest best music service on the net, I n just a short while we have been added to the general rotation along with artists like Coldplay and Oasis. It is unique in it tells you who your fans are and what else they listen to. If enough people say they like your music you get added to the general rotation.

Aquarius Blue song "choose" is #1 on all of

After being chosen as a "choice cut' and editors pick now "chose" is #1 going on 2 weeks. there are alot of great indiepedant bands and music on and it feels good to have a little success. sales and hits to my website are up as a result so thanx to Indie-music and all the listeners.

"Never felt So right" from Aquarius Blue Forever Blue part of SYNCHUP

SYNCHUP is one of the very top companies for music placement period! we are very excited for them to be representing us! Just say "More aquarius Blue music please?"

Thanx to plattsburgh Pipeline Radio

This is one of those overdue thanx as i have not been putting in the time on the news end of the site. we are getting alot of play and visitors from the Plattrburgh pipeline radio show and the band page on the site. You should totally check them out! as a fan or band it is a great site!

Aquarius Blue update

Its been very busy as of late working more on the license end of the music biz. I am working on a way to license music right from the site as I have had some contacts from interested people. There is a growing number of resources available and I am hoping to have more as time permits. Thanx to all the people checking out the site ..from reopening in may it is already well over 10,000 hits with lots of people checking out the music. Thanx Eric

items for sale On ebay

I have a few auctions going on ebay. some nice vintage audio gear..check them out. a great mic used to record many tracks on my cds

Aquarius Blue now featured on

The aquarius Blue song "Certainly Unsure" is featured on the adult contemporary channel of a page is also being created with other Aquarius Blue music. Thanx Tony for spreading the blue! http;//

Aquarius Blue music on YouLicense

Another resource for music to be used in film and television. all to make Aquarius Blue Green...Mo Money!!

Aquarius Blue music available for license at Krystal Chastin Music

Thanx for adding Aquarius Blue Music to your library. Mo money!! Mo money!!

Man Of Velocity on audiosocket

Very cool to be part of one of the fastest growing online music licensing sources.( say that three times fast) Our hope is that Man Of Velocity music will take over the world!! anything else is a waste of time. check as soon as our music is posted I will try to put up a link.

the new cd is available at indierhythm.

myspace page

I forgot that this existed..people kept saying " I saw your myspace page" I was like" you must be mistaken" cool quotes huh?

M.O.V. Man Of Velocity music

I have added music from one of my other bands M.O.V. to the site. We have alot of fun with our little project yellin and playing heavy chords (I think you get the idea.) doing M.O.V. and Aquarius Blue at the same time can sometimes be taxing. (DisclaimerI)t is heavy and has alot of swearing. I still think it rocks!!

Faux Pas lives!!

my old bandmate Dave Watson (currenntly in a great band in Colorado" shallowman Down") posted some great clips on youtube of us playing live in our band "Faux Pas". I posted a link on the links page and will try to put it on here also. I also listed some recordings we did on our album "Another Role"in the music section. Thanx Dave!!

Aquarius Blue at Pump audio

Aquarius Blue Forever Blue is now part of Pump audio!! A great place where music gets placed in movies, tv and radio. next time you hear Aquarius Blue it may be on your favorite show!!


nice writeup about the new cd. they are located overseas and is written in dutch! aquarius Blue is worldwide!!!

Aquarius Blue editors pick for March

Aquarius Blue "Forever Blue" now on

"Forever Blue" available now on !!!

The whole album is available for download or 99 cents per song.

Aquarius Blue song " Certainly Unsure" is doing very well on

for those of you unfamiliar with GarageBand it is a great site that you get "judged by your peers". Knowing musicians themselves can be the hardest critics I am pleasantly surprised by the overall positive response to the song. If you are an indie artist you should check it out. I wish I had used it as sort of a pre release test audience. next time!

Aquarius Blue on

Aquarius Blue is proud to be included in the great indie music site A great 4 star review of the 3 songs was very nice.

forever blue coming soon

in the final phases of a new album. look for it soon!! available on cdbaby.

aquarius blue music on Outward Bound.

The song " The Spy" is featured in the Outward Bound episode "On The Trail" that airs on Discovery Kids. this season seems to rotate and the show comes up for air quite a bit. check it out!!

Aquarius Blue on compilation disc "Proof"

The Aquarius Blue song "someday" is featured exclusively on the "Proof" cd. this is a great disc of independant artists that Aquarius Blue is proud to be a part of.

More Outward Bound Music

The Aquarius Blue song "The Feast" is used in the Outward Bound Episode "Time To Climb". This was used in a great featured manner. the kids hike up the mountain to watch the sun come up. as they reach the zenith, the sun rises as "the Feast plays". I must say it gave me a real thrill to see my music used in such a dramtic way.

Aquarius Blue song "Hillary" peaks at #14 on all of

A pretty cool thing to be right along artists like Staind #17, Disturbed #4 and Linkin Park #18. just disapeared one day never knew why.

Donnie Moorhouse "Livewire" in the Union News.

a great write up about R-U-Blue-2? and mention of Tom Ingram who has been a constant contributor to Aquarius Blue music. also mentioned Steve sulikowski and Eric Houlohan of "dropline" on Warner/Reprise. We all played in the local band "Glass Onion'. Man were we bad!!

"In The Studio" with Uncle Joe at Mojo Music

Aquarius Blue Played live on air "At the Studio". it was a blast!! Soda Pop Steve R.I.P. came and blew some harp. man I miss that guy!! The guys at Mojo Music are the best!!

Aquarius Blue on Kid Antrim Music Compilation cd

The Aquarius Blue song "Strange Girl" was included on the 2002 rock compilation cd with some great indie acts including Counterfeit Molly. Jeff Loftin and The Angry Cows.

Pinehurst Records Volume Three compilation cd

Three Aquarius Blue songs were included in this third Pinehurst compilation including the great Donut Kings.( a personal favorite in local music)

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